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2020 CQL Fall 7x7 Flag Football

                                                                                 10/1/20 Revised

Game Rules Equipment & Field Setup
•   Flags must be contrasting color to team colors, be at least 12 inches long and
    attach to belt with Velcro strips. (SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED IN)
•   Mouth guards are required.
•   Football sizes: 7U/9U: K2, 11U: TDJ, 14U TDY –Home team to provide game ball.
•   The 7×7 game will be played on a 40 yard field (100 yard field split in half) with two-
    20 minute halves (running clock).
•   There is a 25-second play clock in between plays.
•   Each time gets 2 timeouts per game (used at any time)

All possessions will start on the 40 yard line and the offensive team can achieve
    only one first down when they reach the 20 yard line.
•   The offense must have a center to snap the ball to the quarterback (under center or
    shotgun). Ball must be snapped from the ground
•   Only forward pass plays are allowed and must be beyond the line of scrimmage
    and the quarterback only has four seconds to pass the ball. Pitches or handoffs are
    not allowed.
•   The center is eligible to receive a pass.
•   A fumble is considered a dead ball. No blocking or contact is allowed.
•   Offensive receivers not catching the ball must stop when the ball is caught.
•   Quarterback is allowed to step outside the 45 yard line without being penalized.

7U Only - Offense
•   There will be a “No Run/Pass Only Zone” from 20 Yard Line to Goal Line.
•   One running play (QB may run ball on this play)is allowed per possession from the
    40 yard line to the 20 yard line.
•   In the case of penalty on your one rush play the penalty results in forfeiture of rush
•   Any Offensive Penalty within the “No Run/Pass Only Zone” will result in forfeiture
    of Rush-Option if still available, regardless of ball placement.

•   Touchdown – 6 points
•   Extra point from 10 yard line – 1 point
•   Extra point from 15 yard line – 2 points
•   Interceptions – Dead ball at the point of interception. Intercepting team gets ball at
    20 yard line.
•   Overtime – Each team has a chance to score in each overtime from the 20 yard line
    until a winner is declared. Maximum of 3 overtimes. (no OT during regular season)

•   Tackling or other contact is not allowed.
•   The defensive player must make an effort to pull the flag of the offensive player.
•   The defense can’t rush the QB.
•   The defense cannot “Jam the receiver” with any physical contact at any time.
    (Penalty will be enforced)

•   Offensive penalties include: blocking, pass interference, unnecessary roughness,
    false start. Penalties will result in a 10 yard loss and loss of down.
•   Defensive penalties include: pass interference and unnecessary roughness.
    Penalties result in a 10 yard gain for the offense and an automatic first down.

All rules pertaining to disciplinary action will revert to the CQL Bylaws.