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2019 CQL 7x7 Flag Football

** Game Rules **

Equipment & Field Setup
•  Flags must be contrasting color to team colors, be at least 12 inches long and attach to
   belt with Velcro strips.
•  Mouth guards are required.
•  Football sizes: 7U/9U - K2; 11U - TDJ, 14U - TDY – Home team to provide game ball.
•  The 7x7 game will be played on a 40 yard field (100 yard field split in half) with two-20
   minute halves (running clock).
•  There is a 25-second play clock in between plays.

•  All possessions will start on the 40 yard line and the offensive team can achieve only one
   first down when they reach the 20 yard line.
•  The offense must have a center to snap the ball to the quarterback (under center or
•  Only pass plays are allowed and the quarterback only has four seconds to pass the ball.
•  Double passes are allowed as long as the first pass is within four seconds and the second
   pass must be a forward pass.
•  The center is eligible to receive a pass.
•  A fumble is considered a dead ball. No blocking or contact is allowed.
•  Offensive receivers not catching the ball must stop when the ball is caught.

•  Touchdown – 6 points
•  Extra point from 10 yard line – 1 point
•  Extra point from 15 yard line – 2 points
•  Interceptions – Dead ball at the point of interception. Intercepting team gets ball at 20
   yard line.
•  Overtime – Each team has a chance to score in each overtime from the 20 yard line until a
   winner is declared. Maximum of 3 overtimes.

•  Tackling or other contact is not allowed.
•  The defensive player must make an effort to pull the flag of the offensive player.
•  The defense can’t rush the QB.

•  Offensive penalties include: blocking, pass interference, unnecessary roughness, false
   start. Penalties will result in a 10 yard loss and loss of down.
•  Defensive penalties include: pass interference and unnecessary roughness. Penalties result
   in a 10 yard gain for the offense and an automatic first down.